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Item description
Item description

Unocode 399 Plus is the perfect key cutting machine for locksmiths duplicating master key systems who seek an optimised management of large quantities of keys.

Unocode 399 Plus is the top electronic key cutting machine for cutting by direct and indirect code flat keys. The machine is designed specifically for locksmiths duplicating large quantities of keys: its spacious working area allows for installing optional accessories which include an automatic feeder, a stacker, and a sorter set to orderly manage the output of cut keys.

The machine can work both in stand alone mode or with a PC connection.

  • Solid structure: Unocode 399 Plus features a well-built structure: the cutter shaft is reinforced and the bushing is entirely made of steel, making the machine solid and durable.
  • Long-lasting cutter: The cutter is AlCrN coated for a longer life. The metal plate protecting the cutter ensures better resistance to wear and better protection for the operator.
  • Optimised clamp: The four-sided, nickel plated clamp features a quick-release system for easier rotation and an ergonomic handle. It is rustproof and less prone to wear.
  • User-friendly software: The software controlling the machine is designed specifically for specialists in the key cutting business and allows to:
    - Cut keys by direct code (both in stand alone and with a PC)
    - Cut keys by indirect code (only with a PC)
    - Create and manage customised data cards via Code Maker (both in stand alone and with a PC)
    - Copy and manually adjust data cards
    - Manage job queues
    - Create customised archives and ‘favourite cards’ lists
    - Access the widest key database worldwide and search data cards via different parameters, such as card number, Silca Serial Number, make, indirect code, application.
  • Graphic display: The machine is equipped with a 144 mm (5.7”) coloured display.
  • Safe for the user: The large safety shield protects the user from swarf and chippings while cutting operations. The machine is controlled by an external device with start/stop push button.
  • Clean and spacious working area: Metal swarf and chips are collected in a special tray by the side of the machine to help keep the cutting area neat and clean. The spacious working area allows special accessories to be installed with ease.

Optional accessories:

  • Automatic feeder: It automatically processes single sided flat keys with metal head: the key is loaded from the stacker, sent to the clamp, blocked, cut, and delivered in a tray via a funnel. It can cut approximately 360 keys per hour at a speed of one key per 10 seconds (complete cycle for keys with 5 pins).
  • Stacker: It stacks keys and allows them to be processed by the automatic feeder. It can accommodate up to 95 keys with a thickness of 2,2 mm and up to 60 keys with a thickness of 3 mm.
  • Sorter set: This set substitutes the tray supplied with the automatic feeder and allows the keys that have just been cut to be orderly arranged in a row. It can accommodate over 100 keys with an average thickness of 2,5 mm. It is also known as the ‘FIFO’ sorter as it works in ‘First In, First Out’ mode.
  • Feeder plates: Silca provides a number of dedicated plates, tailored to the shape of each different key head - to be ordered separately. Customers should indicate the key reference so that we can provide a suitable plate.
  • Swarf vacuum system: It ensures the working station stays neat and clean by drawing the chips deriving from key cutting directly in a collector via a vacuum system.
  • Rotating clamp: The V1 rotating clamp allows for operating also on the third axis for angled cuts. Please note that the automatic feeding is not supported when using the rotating clamp.