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Item description
Item description

Evolutionary rather than revolutionary, both new versions of the Maxima and the Professional have been released in response to market feedback since the launch of the original Bravo Professional & Maxima in 2003.

The Maxima and the Professional are visually similar to the machines they replace, both machines share these new features & benefits:

Enhanced jaw operation, featuring a new spring-loaded release mechanism that is easier to use than previously, and is less likely to jam or cause confusion as to whether the jaw is locked or open. The jaw is also rounded at the corners near the top to reduce finger grazes or injuries.

Self clutching (ratcheting) jaw knobs that prevent brute force locksmiths from overtightening the jaw knob and stripping the threads on the jaw studs.

Improved handles design, easier to hold, improved visual attraction, more comfortable and natural action, inclined away from the jaws to allow even larger-headed keys to be cut with maximum ease.

Power switch moved to the side for easier operation (note the carriage remains controlled by a microswitch, as before)

mproved and extended plexiglass shield, better protection for the operator (the shield now covers the area near the RHS jaw), and swarf is now less likely to be trapped inside the cutter shield as it has a small opening at the bottom to release built-up swarf.

In addition to the main changes outlined above are a number of other minor differences, including slight repositioning of the light towards the rear, and slight alterations to the electronics.

Note: the difference between the two models remains the same as previously - i.e. the Maxima has the digital calibration readout.

We are confident that these enhancements will further increase the appeal of these premium heavy-duty duplicating machines.