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Item description
Item description

Twister II is an easy to use, reliable and convenient mechanical key cutting machine delivering accurate and consistent duplicates of dimple, laser and Fichet® type keys. The machine provides a range of optional accessories for expanding its capabilities to tubular keys and to a wide range of vehicle keys.

  • Practical and comfortable to operate.
  • The two-axis carriage is controlled by a system of ball bearings and guides for smooth and effortless movements.
  • Spring loaded tracer point for accurate results.
  • The spring loaded tracer point, activated by rotating the locking nut, grants proper centring of cuts on the keys, ensures a perfect depth alignment and allows for adjustment to worn keys.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Twister II features an optimised and economical repair solution for substituting worn out clamps thanks to the replaceable jaws of the clamp on the cutter side of the machine.
  • Energy-saving and ergonomic illumination.
  • The working area of the machine is illuminated by an integrated LED light, an energy-efficient and healthier solution which allows for cost savings, avoids flickering and limits eye-strain after a prolonged use.
  • Compact and solid.
  • Designed to have a small footprint, Twister II is compact, light and built to last.
  • Safe for the user.
  • The wide transparent shield protects the operator from moving parts, metal swarf and chips while cutting. The thermal magnetic safety switch turns the machine off automatically in case of power failures, safeguarding the machine itself.