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Item description
Item description

Poker Pro is the entirely automatic key cutting machine for duplicating by original inline residential and vehicle keys, both with single and double-sided cuts, and cruciform keys with ‘x’ type profile.

Easy to use, Poker Pro is equipped with an optical reader, guaranteeing precise cutting results, and a system that automatically controls the carriage movements to optimise cutter use.

The machine features a compact design and allows you to keep the work station clean thanks to the protective shield that slides back inside the machine.

  • Laser reader for quality cutting results Poker Pro features a laser reader ensuring the customer’s key is read precisely and the duplication is perfect. The lack of a tracer point means no contact with the machine, so protecting the customer’s key.
  • Four-sided clamps The sintered, four-sided clamps have an exclusive rotation system that facilitates the installation of a wide range of keys. Each clamp is equipped with a gauge for perfectly aligning the key.
  • Optimised cutter wear The hard metal cutter is resistant to wear and allows you to cut any side of a key in just one cycle. A specially designed control system regulates the carriage movement speed so that it is always proportioned to the strain the cutter is subject to. This means precise cuts, a perfectly deburred key copy and an optimised usage of the cutter.
  • Visual and audible warnings The machine features an intuitive system of coloured led lights, flashes and beeps to notify procedure faults, such as presence of dirt on the optical reader, accidental opening of the shield while cutting, key not installed, etc. The push button panel allows you to stop and restart the cutting cycle at any moment.
  • Practical and ergonomic work station Poker Pro has a wide protective shield that slides inside the machine body. The closed cutting area makes it easy to keep the work bench clean and orderly, because metal chippings are collected in the swarf tray below the carriage. The tools needed on a daily basis are close to hand thanks to the practical accessories area on top of the machine.
  • Safe for the user The cutter and the carriage stop automatically when the safety shield is opened, ensuring the operator’s safety at all times.
  • Compact and easy to carry Poker Pro is lightweight, portable and has a compact design. The ergonomic grip below the machine body makes it easy to lift and transport. The machine comes with a fixing bracket, the ideal solution for locksmiths working out of a van.