AS 4145.4 2002 - Part 4: PADLOCKS

We are pleased to announce that the ABUS 83/45 and 83/50 Padlocks have been successfully tested to Australian Padlock Standard AS4145.4 2002 and are rated for both security and corrosion resistance.

The standard applies to padlocks used in conjunction with padlock fittings. Requirements that relate to;

  • Physical Security are classified under 10 levels, based on performance tests that simulate attack.
    The security rating is based on the lowest test result achieved.
  • Corrosion Resistance are classified under 5 levels, based on standard accelerated corrosion tests.

Your customers can rest easy knowing their ABUS 83/45 and 83/50 padlocks now meet the relevant Australian Standard required by many commercial insurers. Just another reason why ABUS is the locksmiths’ padlock of choice.