Daniel Waddell from LSC talks to Vince from Locksolid Security about Purehold

Vince Frisina from Locksolid Security is Sydney based and was one of the first Locksmiths to purchase Purehold products.

Daniel Waddell: What was your initial interest in the Purehold products?

Vince Frisina: I saw an opportunity to advise my customers during these times. My clients found they “needed” something like this to re-open & also piece of mind.

Daniel Waddell: What immediate benefits can Purehold provide?

Vince Frisina: Improve hygiene in the workplace, reduce possible staff/ customer sickness and good business practise.

Daniel Waddell: Was the product easy to explain to your customer?

Vince Frisina: Yes, I sent an initial email. My customers were immediately interested about Purehold. Explaining the product and what it does was very easy. Maintenance free and possible to install themselves.

Daniel Waddell: Which products did you purchase?


Daniel Waddell: Where would you install Purehold products?

Vince Frisina: Entry exit points, staff rooms and bathrooms. All sorts of businesses, but I’m thinking gyms, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and clubs. Virtually any size business, so a lot of my existing customers.

Daniel Waddell: Thanks Vince, great chat!

If you are looking to help your customers transition to reopening their businesses in COVID-19 times, Purehold’s antibacterial products may be just the solution you and your customers are looking for.