Search Basics

With thousands of products available for purchase on, knowing a few tips can help you quickly find what you need.

Using search can often present you with more results than you need. Understanding how search works is the easiest way get the results you need.

Knowing your product code

Using the product code in search is the best way to have the product you want presented first in the search results.

Don't know the product code of the item you need?

No worries. The search term you use will be used to find a match available products. Search will look in the products title and description.

Try narrowing it down by selecting a category to search in. Better still try selecting the brand if known form the brand drop-down. Doing this will help make the results more relevant.

Browsing for product

If you are not sure what you are looking for you can browse through the product categories.

Product categories start out broad before narrowing down as you drill through to a product level.

Create an order

Adding items to your order and checking out has never been easier.

From the product page

When viewing a product you are presented with various details about it. Including your price (when logged in), descriptions. Simply enter how many of the product you want and click add to order.

From search results

You can even add items to your order from the search results. Simply enter how many of the product you want and click add to order.

Begin checkout process

There are a number of ways to view your order before beginning the checkout process. Either from the link that appears upon successfully adding an item to your cart or by clicking on the Your Order link found at the top of the page being viewed.

Place your order

When you are happy with what you have placed in your order, simply follow the prompts, confirming your order details along the way.

During the checkout process, take a moment to ensure the goods will be sent to the right address. Now select a shipping method.

information-icon If during the checkout process you can't proceed to the next screen your user permissions may be setup incorrectly. Please contact your administrator user to have them review your permissions.

Shipping Method

LSC utilises a complex delivery method system that determines the best way to get your goods delivered at a reasonable cost in a reasonable time. All you need to do is select whether you want standard, express or pick-up.

If you would like to suggest your own shipping method or include specific note on how you want your goods delivered use the Order Comments box to let us know! Don't know how? Check out the "Order and Line Comments" help page.

Payment type

Depending on what sort of account you hold with us you may be asked to select a payment type. In most cases default should be fine.

information-icon If no payment options appear you will not be able to place the order. This may be because your user permissions have no payment methods selected. Please contact your administrator user to have them review your permissions.