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Before you can buy products on this site you will need to register your existing LSC account for online access. More advanced features such as viewing product pricing and placing orders are only available to LSC account holders. To register for access to use the New Account Registration form.

If you have already registered but have forgotten you user name or passowrd click here to begin the reset process.

The reset process relies on you having access to the email address associated with your LSC web account. If you think we have the wrong email address please contact us to update it.

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To ensure you and your business get the most out of LSC's services please ensure you information is correct. If you believe there is an error please contact your nearest LSC branch to update your details.

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The first web user account created is by default the account administrator. The administrator has permissions that you may not want your staff having access to.

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Finding the products you need

LSC's online catalogue is large and can be overwelming. So we have implemented many helpful features to assist you in creating and submitting your order with minimal fuss.

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