Glossary: Silca Transponder

When viewing the tabled data in either the Silca Car Book or online with the Silca EKC the following symbol appears.

This symbol indicates the type of transponder on the original key. The table below shows the meaning of the abbreviations used.

PH Transponder Philips*
PH / CR Transponder Philips* Crypto
PH / CR2 Transponder Philips* Crypto 2
MEG Transponder Megamos*


Transponder Megamos* Crypto
SOK / CR Sokymat* Crypto
TEXAS Transponder Texas*
TEX / CR Transponder Texas* Crypto
TEX / CR2 Transponder Texas* Crypto 2
TEX / MA Transponder Texas* Crypto mutual authentication
TEMIC Transponder Temic*
MOTOROLA Transponder Motorola*
TEM / CR Transponder Temic*Crypto
SAAB Transponder Saab*

information-icon * The trade-marks or trade names mentioned are the exclusive property of authorized manufactures. They are nominated only for the purposes of information so that any lock for which Silca keys are made can be rapidly identified.