Silca Delta Parts Diagram

Common spare parts for the Silca Delta Automatic

information-icon LSC recommend that you submit your machine for service if your machine requires installation of new parts. Machine calibration may be needed after replacements parts have been installed.

warning-icon Replacing some parts present a danger of electrocution.

Silca Delta Spare Parts Diagram

information-icon Not all parts are available online. Please contact your nearest branch for availability and advice.


information-icon SD911868ZR Standard HSS Milling Cutter
information-icon SD704764ZB Brush
information-icon SD911966ZR Tracer point
information-icon SD909226ZR Fuses (3.15AMP - Rapid)

Carriage parts

information-icon SD911679ZR Vice knob
information-icon SD912548ZR Vice washer and bearing set
information-icon SD912546ZR Vice assembly
information-icon SD901366ZR Vice spring
information-icon SD911939ZR Vice pin
information-icon SD912646ZR Calibration gauge set
information-icon SD913799ZR Gauge finger
information-icon SD912345ZR Carriage set
information-icon SD911872ZR Carriage handle

Other less common parts

information-icon SD911884ZR Motor
information-icon SD914063ZR Motor cover
information-icon SD912340ZR Illuminated switch (left hand)
information-icon SD912341ZR Switch (right hand)
information-icon SD912649ZR Microswitch set
information-icon SD900342ZR Capacitor
information-icon SD912651ZR Gear box for carriage
information-icon SD911881ZR Swarf tray
information-icon SD911959ZR Carriage spring