Direct programming of a vehicle ECU (8 lead serial EEPROM)

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Option 1 - Includes Orange5 basic programmer kit $1699 +GST


Option 2 - Includes Orange5 FULL HPX Immo kit $2499 +GST

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1 Day


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Introductory to Eeprom and ECU Resetting

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Course description


In recent years multiple transponder tool makers offer locksmiths a new opportunity in automotive key making, often known as an ‘EEPROM solution’. Rather than relying on a diagnostic tool to program new data into a vehicle immobiliser or ECU (which may inherit restrictions), the EEPROM solution employs the vehicles existing transponder information and manipulates it to produce either a new or duplicate key.

Purpose of the learning program

This one day course provides theory and practical training elements for locksmiths and automotive tradespeople in modern key making techniques, manipulating data inside an EEPROM found in the vehicle’s immobiliser or relevant ECU. The skill set is also applicable to several forms of ECU repair and second-hand parts replacement. It will provide candidates with the knowledge and practical skills required to convert various early transponder and main ECUs back to factory status, and enable users to write new transponder information into an existing ECU. The outline has been designed as introductory for automotive locksmiths already experienced in diagnostic key programming, who have little or no prior knowledge regarding eeprom reading and ECU resetting.

Program candidates will develop a basic understanding of eeprom package memory functionality together with methods of identifying, reading, analysing, writing eeprom data files (.bin). The program involves both theory and practical elements.


To apply, applicants require prior experience regarding:

  • Significant diagnostic key programming experience
  • Basic to fair PC operating skills

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course you will gain the ability to provide new key solutions for various vehicles not applicable for diagnostic key programming, achieved by manipulating the immobiliser data directly inside a vehicles immobiliser or main ECU. The knowledge and skill sets acquired will also provide an opportunity to discover restricted pin codes from some immobiliser systems which may otherwise not be available from the dealer.

Yours to keep

IMPORTANT NOTE: this training course previously featured the Wellon VP-390 universal programmer which has now been superseded by the VP-598. The new Wellon programmer is not working sufficiently for many of our applications. Proceeding comprehensive testing Tech Ed made the decision to migrate to the Scorpio-LK Orange5 programmer. 

For further explanation on the matter refer to this document.

The included equipment is now available in two optional formats. Select either the Orange5 basic kit format (which may be upgraded later at an additional cost), or upgrade now to save doing so in future and include the Orange5 FULL immo HPX kit.

The Orange5 basic kit will cover any eight lead serial memory device featured throughout this introductory training and much more. For more information about the programmer, click here

The Orange5 FULL HPX immmo kit includes all relevant adaptors for immobiliser EEPROM programming, covering eight lead memory devices and many other MCU and FLASH memory devices for advanced users. Many of the additional adaptors require the user to de-solder and solder memory devices from the target ECU. For more information about the programmer, click here

If you are unsure which kit you would prefer, select the basic kit which can easily be upgraded in the future.

Included into the kit and training fee:


The Orange5 programmer kit (either the basic or FULL immo kit)
Originally promoted to be an advanced programmer specialty, recent improved Windows OS support accompanied by significant updates has confirmed this programmer to be as powerful, or more so, than other universal programmers used throughout the industry.    
RLP: $599-$1398


Generic USB memory stick
A generic memory stick it may be, but the data within contains very special electronic files required for immobiliser and ECU resetting.

RLP: Priceless


9x Loupe  
A powerful 9x magnification jewellers loupe for hard to read writing on EEPROMs

RLP: $11.95


Modified Scribe
A high quality scribe, modified for conformal coating removal functions.
RLP: $6.95


LSC TechEd ECU resetting manual (V4)
A regularly updated technical manual created by Tech Ed for after training reference and additional information.

RRP: Priceless


AP DIP8 test clip and wiring harness with adaptor.
A high quality test clip used for in-circuit eeprom reading and writing (DIP devices). Now included into the Orange basic or advanced pack.


RLP: $41.69


Pomona 5250 SOIC8 test clip and wiring harness with adaptor.
The original and highest quality test clip used for in-circuit eeprom reading and writing. Now included into the Orange basic or advanced pack.

RLP: $29.95


EZ-Hook mini grabber  
The highest quality mini grabber used for a probe for specific read / write functions. Now included into the Orange basic or advanced pack.

RLP: $5.00

Additional notes and inclusions

Morning tea, Lunch, and Afternoon tea are to be supplied by LSC. If there are special dietary requirements, please notify LSC.

The program also includes the provision of laptops with pre-installed software to avoid any disruptions or unnecessary user PC technical support.

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Topics covered

Introductory to Eeprom and ECU Resetting


  • Safety precautions for the user and target vehicle (airbag, back-up, components, correct practices)

Procedure overview

  • immo and ECU locations
  • Removal and refitting techniques
  • Implementation of eeprom reading & programming
  • Execution of immobiliser auto registration procedure

Vehicle immobiliser system overview

  • System overview of immobiliser components
  • Variances between different vehicle manufacturers
  • Locations of immobiliser and transponder data

IC Component identification

  • IC component Identification
  • Physical attributes
  • Manufacturer identification
  • Component family
  • Variations relating to immobiliser data

IC Component functionality

  • Basic theory of IC memory functionality

Programmer software functionality

  • Practical use and explanation of the programming tool software interface
  • Common navigation
  • Special functions
  • Settings
  • Hints and tips
  • Intuitive features specific to the device

Test clip connection & isolation

  • Implementation and connection technique for test clips and wire harnesses
  • Connecting an electrical probe for isolation if required

Understanding immobiliser / ECU Binary files Basic

  • Understanding and working with immobiliser electronic binary files
  • Identification of transponder data
  • Back up and modification of data

Programming virgin ECU binary files

  • Procedure for programming new files onto immobiliser or ECU
  • Verification techniques for new files on immobiliser or ECU

Recognition & writing of data into Immobiliser files

  • Recognition of transponder data within an immobiliser binary file
  • Writing new transponder data into designated positions within the file

Recognition of pin code within immobiliser files

  • Recognition of diagnostic immobiliser pin codes within an immobiliser binary file

Immobiliser key making solution examples featured in program:

  • Toyota 4C Immobiliser and Engine ECU
  • Toyota 4D Immobiliser ECU
  • Daihatsu 4C Immobiliser ECU
  • Daihatsu 4D Immobiliser ECU
  • Honda Red key Immobiliser ECU
  • Isuzu / GM Rodeo / Jackaroo Immobiliser ECU
  • Zylux 4C GM transponder system
  • Ford Laser and Mazda 323 8C engine ECU
  • Ford Courier / Mazda Bravo ID46 Immobiliser ECU
  • Miscellaneous Euro vehicles
  • Plus many more examples from various vehicle ECUs

Transponder production tools featured in program:

  • Silca RW4
  • Keyline 884
  • TMPro2
  • Zed Bull/Zed Full
  • Scorpio Tango