Volkswagen Group Key Solutions - Touring Edition (ADP213)

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Volkswagen Group Key Solutions - Touring Edition

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Note: This course is our portable one day version of the original ADP212 course

Course description


The three major VAG (Volkswagen Group) brands officially released in Australia include Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda vehicles. The German group are recognised as having a strict security posture, more so than many other international manufacturers.

The design and sophistication of VAG immobiliser platforms has created ongoing challenges for after-market diagnostic tool engineers and locksmiths alike. Just as an after-market solution provides support for one system, VAG either evolves or completely overhauls their design in order to close any holes which may have been breached. This tug-of-war of reverse engineering has resulted in five major, different VAG immobiliser platforms, all of which are covered throughout this course.


This learning program has been designed for intermediate level diagnostic tool and EEPROM programmer users to further understand the specific design, function and programming requirements of all VAG immobiliser platforms. The content includes both theory (approx.25%) and practical (75%) elements covering applicable solutions, transponder preparation, diagnostic programming and relevant EEPROM solutions.


Not mandatory, however we recommend applicants have obtained experience regarding:

  • Fair diagnostic key programming experience
  • Attendance of AEE101 – Introductory to EEPROM training or equivalent

Additional notes and inclusions

Maximum attendees: 12x. The training is conducted by Blair Willson and Richard Hoares.

Morning tea, Lunch, and Afternoon tea are to be supplied by LSC. If there are special dietary requirements, please notify LSC.

A highly comprehensive technical manual is included within the course fee.


Transponders / keys

  • Overview of transponder versions (13, 48, CAN, HiTag2, 8E, New ID88)
  • Preparation CAN (image generation, CS prep)
  • Tools / method / technique of generation / CS
  • Bladed keys / Slot keys / Prox
  • Remote programming (diagnostic / early manual procedure)

Immobiliser system 1:

Version 1 (ID33) immobiliser ECU

  • Transponder Precoding
  • Diagnostic PIN reading capabilities
  • In-circuit EEPROM solution (HC05B6)

Version 2: (ID42) immobiliser ECU

  • Transponder Precoding
  • Diagnostic PIN reading capabilities
  • EEPROM solution (TI 370)

Version 3: (ID4W/44) immobiliser ECU

  • Transponder Precoding
  • Diagnostic PIN reading capabilities
  • In-circuit EEPROM solution (24C04)

Audi ‘white’ immobiliser ECU (ID13)

  • Transponder Precoding
  • Diagnostic PIN reading capabilities
  • In-circuit EEPROM solution (93C46/93C56)

Immobiliser system 2:

VW/Audi (ID48) K-line instrument cluster

  • Transponder requirements
  • Instrument cluster sub-manufacturers (VDO, Motormeter/ Robert Bosche, Magneti Marelli, Johnson controls)
  • Diagnostic PIN reading capabilities of applicable clusters
  • K-line protocols and related PIN reading wait times
  • EEPROM solutions, cluster disassembly

VW Beetle – Magneti Marelli

  • Diagnostic PIN reading capabilities of applicable clusters and diagnostic tools
  • EEPROM solutions

Immobiliser system 3:

VW / Skoda (ID48-A1/ID48-A4) TP2.0 CAN BUS (2004-2009)

  • Component Security Overview
  • Transponder requirements and preparation (including CS)
  • Instrument cluster sub-manufacturers (VDO/Magneti Marelli)
  • Diagnostic reading of CS data & PIN
  • Finding the 7th byte – automatic vs Exhaustive search and from existing key
  • Lost all key service mode via SuperVAG SVG157 and ADC219

Immobiliser system 4:

VW / Skoda / Audi (ID48, ID48-A1/ID48-A4) UDS CAN BUS (2009-2014)

  • Additional key making via service mode
  • Instrument cluster sub-manufacturers (VDO/Magneti Marelli)
  • Lost all key service mode via SuperVAG SVG149 and ADC219
  • ID48 Proximity functions (2013-2015)

Immobiliser system 5:

VW / Skoda / Audi (ID88) UDS CAN BUS (2013+)

  • Overview of latest system
  • Overview of diagnostic support
  • Overview of the new 128 bit MicroTag-TX transponder

Other systems

  • KESSY ID46 (VW Toureg, Porsche Cayenne, Bentleigh)
  • Comfort VW Passat (3C)(2005-2015)
  • Comfort Passat (CC Prox) ID46
  • Audi Sokymat Crypto 8E EEPROM solution overview
  • Audi SMART key (HiTag2 Extended)

Our touring edition practical exercises are conducted using real working car-in-boxes. The simulators contain all relevant and immobiliser related ECUs which are often hidden and usually installed throughout multiple locations within the vehicle.


Topics on older vehicles models (approx pre-2004) will be discussed in theory and the relevant solutions demonstrated by the instructors. This is an effort to save time and a result of compressing the large quantity of content into a single day course. 

Practical exercises

  • Reading PINs, Component Security data and transponder preparation - TP2.0 CAN (2004-2009)

Vehicles of this era require a specifically prepared transponder prior to diagnostic key programming. Models approximately 2006-2009 additionally require VIN specific data on the transponder.

  • Manually and automatically verify the CS transponder data with scan tool accessories

Procedure overviews and practice with tool examples, AD100Pro, SuperVAG and Zed Full

  • Lost-all-key solutions for UDS CAN vehicles (2009-2014)

Many models require a working key present in order to diagnostically add additional keys. In a lost-all-key scenarios the cluster must be removed and a special cable must be used during a partial manual and diagnostic procedure.    

Tools covered

  • Carsoft SuperVAG (& SVG149/SVG157)
  • AD100Pro/MVPPro (& ADC187, ADC219, ADC240)
  • VagTacho
  • Scorpio Tango
  • TMPro2
  • Silca RW4
  • ADC187 Ignition bypass cable
  • Scorpio Orange5
  • Zed Full - available for use (not detailed in the documentation)

Note: We are open to discuss and overview functions of other VAG solutions to the best of our ability, we do possess and operate several of them. Alternative tools are mention throughout the documentation. However, if we are not the official Australian dealer for the tool it would be unfair for our trainers, customers and competitors to speculate on any detailed functionality without any intimate knowledge or communication of future developments from the manufacturer. Our training is based on the vehicles, transponders and immobilisers, the outcome of knowledge may be applied to any or all solutions.