Adding CarLAB to your Android Home Screen

  • Step 1. Navigate to the LSC website and log in using the chrome browser.
    • Make sure to tick the Remember me option


  • Step 2. Once logged in navigate to the drop down menu in the top right corner


  • Step 3. Select the arrow next to TechEd from the drop-down menu.
    • You can also select CarLAB from the arrow next to the TechEd button to navigate straight to CarLAB and other TechEd resources.


  • Step 4. Next hit the browser drop-down in top right hand corner


  • Step 5. Now hit the Add to Home screen option


  • Step 6. Here you can change the name of the link if needed 


  • Step 7. The link has been created for easy access to the site


  • You can use this function to add quick links to the CarLAB pages you use the most.


AutoFill your credentials for quick access 

NOTE: It is still highly recommended that mobile devices have an access pass code activated to ensure security of your Tech Ed login and other website credentials. 

  • Step 1. Navigate to the browser drop-down after logging into the LSC / CarLAB site.


  • Step 2. Select Settings from the menu.


  • Step 3. Click the Save Passwords option.


  • Step 4. Make sure the Save Passwords option is set to ON and Auto Sign-in option is ticked.