Silca TRP Setting program

The Silca TRP Setting program is software offered free by Silca that allows you to generate many different transponders needed to program specific vehicle models.

The software is installed by default with the Silca Remote Service software or the Wintransfer software available from your LSC rep.

The RW4* / RW4+ will need the latest firmware, Silca USB drivers installed and to be plugged into the PC via USB.

* The last update to the RW4 (v04.02.86) does not have the Texas 80 Bit functionality.

Chip types and pre-coding application guide

Texas Crypto

ID Vehicles Silca Chip
ID60 Ford / Nissan / Other GTI
ID61 Mitsubishi T16 / GTI
ID62 Mitsubishi / Subaru GTI
ID63 Ford / Mazda GTI
ID64 Chrysler / Renault GTI
ID65 Suzuki T16 / GTI
ID66 Suzuki T16 / GTI
ID67 Toyota GTI
ID69 Yamaha T16 / GTI
ID70 Toyota EU GTI
ID71 Suzuki Cycles T16 / GTI
ID72 Kawasaki Cycles T16 / GTI

Megamos Crypto

ID Vehicles Silca Chip
ID48 Fiat T6 / T33
ID48-A Chevrolet / Daewoo T6 / T33
ID48-A1 Volkswagen T33
ID48-A2 Audi T33
ID48-A3 Seat T33
ID48-A4 Skoda T33


ID Vehicles Silca Chip
4C Toyota / Mitsubishi GTI

Philips Crypto

ID Vehicles Silca Chip
ID40 Opel T28
ID41 Nissan T28
ID42 Volkswagen / Ford T28
ID45 Peugeot T28
ID4M Mitsubishi / Volvo T28
ID4W Volkswagen / Ford T28

Philips Crypto 2

ID Vehicles Silca Chip
ID46 Password Mode vehicles GTI
ID46 Chrysler / Dacia / Renault T14 / GTI
ID46 Mitsubishi Colt T14 / GTI
ID46 Mitsubishi CDP T14 / GTI
ID46 GM Circle + T14 / GTI
ID46 Fiat T14 / GTI

Texas 80 Bit

ID Vehicles Silca Chip
6E-17 Subaru T39
6E-36 Toyota G System T39 / T80
6E-37 Toyota Valeo System T39 / T80
6F-63 Ford T80

The Silca TRP Setting Program is installed by default with the Wintransfer for machine updates.

It can be found in Silca Software > Wintransfer