How to Connect and update Smart Pro via Wifi 

There are updates all the time - so please update your device regularly. We recommend connecting the Smart Pro to your WiFi, this way the device will inform you when there are available updates.

Below is a simple guide on how to connect and update your Smart Pro via a WiFi connection.


  • Select the SETTINGS button front he home screen


  • Select WiFi button 
  • Available WiFi connections will be displayed
  • Select the appropriate available network you wish to connect with


  • Enter network password 


  • If the network and password is accepted, a blue tick icon will appear next to the selected connection


  • Select the UPDATES button from the home screen


  • Observe the SERVER STATUS
  • Updating cannot proceed until server connection is established 
  • The status icons are explained below


  • The Smart Pro is connected to a local Wifi connection


  • The Smart Pro is connected to a local Wifi connection and has Internet access


  • The Smart Pro is connected to a local Wifi connection, has Internet access and can see the Advanced Diagnostics server
  • "Connected" will show and update buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen


  • There is no need to update all software, any available software modules the require updating will automatically be selected. 
  • Press the refresh button if needed


  • Select Update


  • Updates will be downloaded and installed


  • Once finished the device will restart to complete the update procedure