Transponder quick reference guide

This table is to provide a quick reference guide so you can determine if a customers key is "clonable" or not. Confirmation will be provided after identifying the original key in the transponder machine.

Hit the blue information icon next to the relevant identification number for additional information or tips.

Help information Original key - Silca ID Silca Transponder Reference Clonable Silca Transponder Reference Transponder   Data Ready Transponder Code Type Transponder Brand Typical Application
  In the Silca RW4 Chip for diagnostics   Chip for cloning  For diagnostic programming      
11 T5 Yes T5 No Fixed Temic Fiat
12 T5 T5 No Fixed Temic Mazda
13 T5 T5 No Fixed Megamos Honda
33 T5 T5 No Fixed Philips Various
40 T9 T5 No Crypto Philips Holden
  40 T12 - Yes Crypto Philips Holden
41 T25 T25 Yes Crypto Philips Nissan
42 T10 T10 Yes Crypto Philips VW
45 T29 T29 Yes Crypto Philips Peugeot
46 T14 Silca GTI No Crypto 2 Philips Hyundai, Honda, Nissan
46 N/A Silca GTI No Crypto 2 Philips Mitsubishi, Holden
  47 N/A - No Crypto 3 Philips Mazda, BMW (SMART)
48-A T6 T33 Yes Crypto Megamos GM / Daewoo
48-K T6 T33 Yes Crypto Megamos Kia
48 T6 Silca ST48 Yes Crypto Megamos VAG, Kia, Hyundai, other
48-A1 T24 Silca ST48 Yes Crypto Megamos VW
48-A2 N/A Silca ST48 N/A Crypto Megamos Audi
48-A3 T23 Silca ST48 Yes Crypto Megamos Seat
48-A4 T26 Silca ST48 Yes Crypto Megamos Skoda
  49-1C N/A - No Crypto 3 Philips Honda 2013+
  49-1E N/A - No Crypto 3 Philips Nissan, Renault 2013+
  50 N/A - No Crypto 3 Philips Audi (SMART)
53 T5 T5 No Fixed Philips Audi
60 T7 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Ford
60 T13 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Nissan, Subaru
60 T20 Silca GTI - Crypto Texas Ford AU
60 T16 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Renault, Toyota, Kia
61 T19 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Mitsubishi
62 T21 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Subaru, Mitsubishi
63 T17 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Mazda, Ford
64 T8 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Renault, Chrysler, Jeep
65 T18 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Suzuki
66 N/A Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Suzuki
67 T31 Silca GTI Yes Crypto Texas Toyota
68 N/A Silca GTI N/A Crypto Texas Toyota
69 T22 Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Yamaha Cycles
70 N/A Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Toyota (Euro)
71 N/A Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Suzuki Cycles
72 N/A Silca GTI No Crypto Texas Kawasaki cycles
73 T5 T5 No Fixed Philips Mitsubishi
  73-RC N/A - No Rolling Philips BMW, Mercedes
80 N/A - No Crypto Texas Toyota 'G' key
93 T5 T5 No Fixed Philips Daewoo
  4C T3 Silca GTI Yes Fixed Texas Toyota, Ford
  4C T4 Silca GTI Yes Fixed Texas Toyota, Mitsubishi
  4F N/A - - Crypto Philips Fiat
  4M T30 - Yes Crypto Megamos Mitsubishi, Volvo
  4W T28 T28 Yes Crypto Philips VW
8C N/A
- N/A Crypto Temic Mazda
  8D N/A T5 N/A Crypto SAAB SAAB
  8E T27 - Yes Crypto Sokymat Honda, Audi
Dependant on the forthcoming (at time of writing - 12/2015) Silca ID48 'M-Box' accessory kit. The kit will allow FULL Megamos ID48 cloning of all models. Check here for further information.
The Silca transponder chip references: T25, T10, T29, are precoded transponders which are ready 'off-shelf' for diagnostic programming, or can be cloned onto. The are pre-coded with a password, so the genuine Silca chip must be used (BDS or other brands cannot be written to by the RW4).
NOTE FOR DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAMMING: A Silca reference 'T5' transponder is designed to be universal between manufacturers and arrives to the user in a blank state. Prior to diagnostic programming, data must be pre-programmed onto the transponder with an RW4 or alternative supporting tool. An attempt to introduce an un-configured 'T5' to a vehicle will result in diagnostic key programming failure. Click here to view the T5 preparation procedure.
HOLDEN / OPEL ID40: Some Holden Astra, Vectra, Barina, Combo, Safira and Tigra models built between approx. 1998-2000 have clonable ID40 keys. Vehicles built after this date range change the implementation of this transponder so they CANNOT be cloned. There is no certain way to identify which keys can be cloned until an attempt is made with the transponder tool.
For Philips Crypto2 (HiTag2) ID46 transponder cloning, an in-car procedure must be performed using a 'Snoop' device (pictured left) to record some secret data from the vehicle. The procedure is simply cycling the existing key in the ignition 1 or 2 times while holdeing the Snoop adjacent to the key. After this the RW4 will 'crack' the code in less than 4 minutes. Click here for a video link of the procedure.
ID46 transponders for Holden (VE Commodore, Captiva) and Mitsubishi models from 2007+ require their transponder chips to be in a certain configuration BEFORE they can be diagnostically programmed into a vehicle. Silca GTI transponders can be configured with the RW4 TRP software, or the correct transponders can be purchased off-shelf here:


GM Circle + (VE Commodore, Captiva)

Mitsubishi CAN (Mitsubishi models 2007+)

Some early Kia and GM Daewoo use the Megamos Crypto transponder in a basic way (they have a generic crypto key) so transponder tools are able to clone these types instantly, without a requirement to 'sniff' the car - like other ID48 applications. Popular application examples in Australia are some early Kias, and the Holden TK Barina. Check the original key in the RW4 for confirmation.
The Temic Crypto ID8C can be cloned, but currently not with the RW4. Other LSC tools which support the function are Scorpio-LK Tango and the TMPro2

Identification of Texas Instrument crypto transponders (RW4)

There are multiple versions of TI crypto transponders, which in many cases are reverse compatible. This means a more modern, higher security transponder may be programmed into an older vehicle.

This causes great confusion because a new key blank purchased from a dealer to suit an older vehicle may have the latest, higher security transponder installed.The RW4 will identify the TI crypto transponder generation, and inform the user if it can be cloned.

After reading the transponder, the RW4 will present the identification with a prefix to indicate which generation of transponder is in the key.

prefix Description
6F Texas Crypto 2 (80 bit chip in old 40 bit mode). Can be cloned.
6A Texas Crypto 3 (80 bit chip in new mode). Can't be cloned.
6E Texas Crypto (with mutual authentication or new mode). Can't be cloned.

An identification example: '6A-63'.'6A' indicates a new 80 bit Texas Crypto transponder configured in 80 bit mode. The last two characters in the identification refer to the application configuration as featured in the table (63 for Ford/Mazda).

Transponder quick reference chart notes.

  • *Full ID48 cloning is dependant on hardware (M-Box) and software releases by Silca